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Nils Schekorr is a facilitator, coach and consultant for human-centered innovation

Innovations don’t just happen,
they need to be made. I’m here to activate
your team and kick-start the next phase.

Design Thinking Coach

Innovation takes collaboration. Applying his expertise in techniques such as Business Design, Design Thinking, Design Sprint and Systemic Organizational Consulting, Nils Schekorr bolsters the development and improvement of your products, processes and business models.

Drawing on years of experience across a range of industries, he helps shorten development cycles, cutting through messy internal discussions to unify teams toward a single goal – saving time, money and resources.

To solve complex challenges
we need to start by asking questions.
I’ll help you ask the right ones.

Nils’s approach addresses a diverse range of problem-solving issues your company may be facing:

  • Healthcare Startup Florida, USA

    We have a new

    How do we make it
    into a product?

    • #marketentry
    • #businessmodel
    • #customercentricity
  • Corporate Consulting Munich

    We have a product idea.

    How can we be certain
    when it comes to investment?

    • #valueproposition
    • #prototyping
    • #validation
  • Sports Organization Frankfurt

    We need to digitize our organization.

    Where should we start?

    • #digitalization
    • #problemframing
    • #designsprint
  • Wholesaler’s Network Germany, Austria, Switzerland

    Our markets are
    changing quickly.

    How can we better
    adapt and lead?

    • #discovery
    • #ideation
    • #alignment
  • Online Marketplace Berlin

    We’re going in circles.

    How can we move

    • #decisionmaking
    • #teamcollaboration
    • #growthmindset
  • B2B Law Berlin

    We are building up a
    new company.

    What is at the core
    of who we are?

    • #purpose
    • #brand
    • #teamalignment
  • Digital Solutions Agency Berlin

    We are happy with where we
    are right now.

    But where can we go
    from here?

    • #leadership
    • #organizationalchange
    • #vision

There’s always more to ask, and Nils’s workshops allow you to tackle a broad range of potential puzzles.

So don’t simply jump into the first solution – instead take the time to identify, prioritize and humanize opportunities that will give your business a return on its investment.


  • Business Design,
  • Design ThinkingCoaching and Training,
  • Design SprintCoaching and Training,
  • Problem Framing,
  • Prototyping and Validation,
  • Systemic Organizational Consulting.


Frame Problems

Issues need to be identified and explored from both a user-centered perspective and with regard to business needs. Solutions require the right opportunities – and with your team clearly aligned on solving potential problems, we can focus on your organization’s ability to find them.

Develop Solutions

Coming up with ideas is never the hard part. The real challenge comes from knowing which ideas are worth your resources, time and money. Get your solutions out and test them at the earliest possible stage to gain real-world data with which to guide your decisions. This process saves both money and time, leading to better outcomes achieved more quickly.

Realize Results

Whether it’s a prototype, a new business model or a transformed process, you’ll leave each workshop with something to work with right away. No dry lectures: in Nils’s workshops your team will learn by doing, not by listening. Allow for real applications and achieve real-world results. Put agile iterations at the very center of your work method: Test, learn, improve – and repeat.

Nils Schekorr Portrait

About Nils

Hailing from the north of Germany and currently based in Berlin, Nils has a background in brand development, strategy and design. Alongside having run his own branding agency for 14 years, he has a full two decades of experience innovating with clients across b2b, b2c, science, education, culture, politics and various associations.

As a certified Design Thinking Coach, Design Sprint Master and Systemic Organizational Consultant, Nils coaches, consults and trains across a network of international partners – including the Hasso-Plattner-Institut (Germany), the Stanford Graduate School of Business’ associated LEAD incubator (USA), IDEO U, The Painted Sky (India), Talent Garden (Austria) and UX LAB Partners (Germany).